What to Expect

Our congregation is warm and friendly, and we welcome visitors to our worship service.  While people will greet you before and after the service, no one will single you out in worship or make you stand. We don’t like to embarrass our guests!

What to wear

Dress comfortably for worship. Most people dress up just a little, but you’ll also see suits, jeans, and shorts.


We believe that all people should be able to participate fully in worship and in church life regardless of their physical, developmental, or cognitive abilities.


Do you have questions? you can either contact us directly or click the learn more link to read a few of the most common question visitors have.


We’re located at 6201 Osgood Ave N in Stillwater, 55082. From Highway 36, Turn North onto Osgood Avenue (at Walgreens), and we’re one block on the right.

contact us

First Presbyterian Church
6201 Osgood Avenue
Stillwater, MN 55082


How do I join?

We hold membership classes a few times each year.  If you decide to join, the Church Council (or Session) will meet with you briefly to learn about you.  Then you will be welcomed into the congregation in a worship service.  Please contact the Pastor or the church office if you are interested in joining.

Bridge Stillwater, Minnesota


Best Summer Ever

Everyone: K- 4th grade and Parents and siblings!!
Rm. 567: 5th, 6th,7th graders
OY!: Older Youth 8th – 12th grade


8th: Everyone – Saint Paul Saints Game

12th: Youth Grade 5-12 gr – ART w/ Felicia
  Must preregister by June 5th so I can have supplies ready for you!!

15th: OY! – Ice Cream Research (ALL Wednesdays)

26th: OY! – Breakfast after Church

29th: Rm 567 – Valley Fair



9th: Rm 567 – Pool Party at Korich’s

12th: Everyone – 2nd Tuesday Movie/Market

13th: Everyone – Church Picnic Water Slide!!

10th: OY! – Breakfast after church

16rh: Everyone – Can Can Wonderland

23rd: OY! – Pool party w/ Korich’s

July 30th- Aug. 6th: OY! – Montreat



9th: Everyone – 2nd Tuesday Movie/Market

10th: OY! – Montreat worship planning

13th: OY! – Goat yoga

17rh: Everyone – Church Picnic Water Slide

19th: OY – Breakfast after Church

20th: Rm 567 – Kayaking William O’Brien

21st & 28th: Everyone – Bless Backpacks

24th: Everyone – Bike Rally

31st: Everyone – Blessing of the Pets Service










June 8    St. Paul Saints Baseball Game   EVERYONE!!              7:07pm                           $15.00 seat

Make sure you have signed up and paid for your tickets.  The signup sheet is at the Coffee Counter in the                 Gathering area at church. We are sitting in section 115. They were awesome seats last time!!!  It’s so much                 fun!!! Lori will mail out tickets on Monday, May 30th


June 12   Art with Felicia     Youth 5th – 12th grade invited!    11:00 am – 12:00 pm          no cost

Must preregister by June 5th so I can have supplies ready for you!!    SIGN UP ON SIGNUP GENIUS                                                    https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BABAF2EA4F5C25-artwith                                   click here!!

Felicia is a friend of Lori’s who is an incredible artist in the San Francisco and Ohio areas. She also counsels                 LGBTQ+ kids, is a sought-after speaker for Pride events, and has recently been commissioned to paint a series of

murals for the Ohio Parks Department.  Felicia will be Zooming our painting class!  Lori will provide PIZZA for                 those who are staying for an Art Spoke training!


June 15   Extremely Important Research      OY!         EVERY WEDNESDAY  6:30 pm         no cost

Older youth will be conducting a summer-wide research project in Stillwater. Meet Lori at church, but the                 destination is unknown (cause Lori doesn’t know where Nelson’s is among other ice cream paces.) Ask a                 Confirmation student for more info. This was their idea. Second adult needed! Clearly.


June 26    Breakfast After Church          OY!      9:15 am (OUR CHURCH PARKING LOT)                          no cost

https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BABAF2EA4F5C25-breakfast                              click here!!

Breakfast includes experiencing a NEW worship setting!  The first church we will visit is our sister church: Liberty Community Church.  “We are the first and only African American-led Presbyterian congregation in Minnesota. We align ourselves in solidarity with our North Minneapolis community because that is where Jesus lives. We believe Jesus takes up preferential residence among the poor and traumatized so that all may experience life under God’s compassion…”


June 26       All Church PICNIC           EVERYONE!!                        4:00 PM                               no cost

Meet at Bayport Park for a fun Church Family Picnic!  Hot dogs and hamburgers are provided! If you want to                 bring some chips, or a dessert, or a salad to share, that would be swell! June 29       Valley Fair                        Rm.


June 29                Valley Fair!!!!!                Rm  567           9:00 am church – tba           $35.00

                https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BABAF2EA4F5C25-valley                           click here!!

                Once you guys get signed up and pay me for the tickets, (or check with me about a scholarship), we can talk                 about food and how long we want to stay. Ok?  There will be FUN and there will be CHECKING IN RULES!!! 😊





DATE?                            EVENT?                  WHO CAN GO?            WHAT TIME?                  COST?


July 9      Pool Party at Korich’s              Rm. 567                   2:00 pm – 3:30 pm                   no cost

https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BABAF2EA4F5C25-pool                                     click here!!!

Plan to get dropped off and picked up at the Korich pool! 2591 Bayberry Ave., Stillwater, MN 55082 Erin Korich   651-363-4472


July 10    Breakfast After Church    OY!  (Older Youth)      3:30 pm (OUR CHURCH PARKING LOT)     no cost

                 Click on Sign Up Genius in June!!  Sign up!!

                This Breakfast after churreakfast includes experiencing a NEW worship setting and, well, NOT breakfast. This Lutheran              Church does       not start until 4:30 pm! Sometimes they meet indoors, sometimes they meet in a park.


July 12   Outdoor  2nd Tuesday!                  Everyone!!         5:00 pm                    from free to $$                                           

Summer Tuesdays are celebrating 19 years of family fun in downtown Stillwater on the Riverfront.  They are                 excited to be planning a FULL schedule this year. They will be following all COVID protocols outlined by the MN         Department of Health to ensure our event is safe for all to enjoy.  Let’s join them, as a church family,              on the 2nd Tuesday of July and August! Meet you there!! https://www.summertuesdays.com/


  • Market open: 5:00
  • Live Music: 6:00-8:00
  • Movie: Begins 10 minutes after sunset


July 13      Church Picnic & Water Slide!      Everyone!!          5:00 pm                                   no cost

            See you in the backyard for Wednesday Picnics! They are every Wednesday all summer long!! Hey, you can                 volunteer to help, some Wednesday, if you want!  Bring your swimsuit to this one; it’s time to WATERSLIDE on                 the church hill!!  See you there!!



July 16      Can Can Wonderland      Everyone!!   11:00 am   $10. Wrist band for Arcade Games

https://cancanwonderland.com/visit/                                                      $13. (12 yr. and under) Mini Golf

           Check this place out!!  Let’s plan to meet there at 11:00!!               $15. (13yr. – 61) Mini Golf

            It would be fun to play Mini Golf together at 11:00!!                        $12. (62 + & Veterans) Mini Golf

           The whole family is going to have a great time!! Let Lori know if you need a ride!!!


July 23     Pool Party at the Korich’s                       OY!              2:00 pm – 3:30 pm               no cost    https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BABAF2EA4F5C25-korichs                             click here!!!

Plan to get dropped off and picked up at the Korich pool! 2591 Bayberry Ave., Stillwater, MN 55082 Erin Korich   651-363-4472



July 30-Aug 6          Montreat                                  OY!                 arrive at the airport by 8:00 am

DL / 1518 30JUL2022 MSP1000A AVL 120P Main Cabin / L /LGRPAMP/GNA02

DEPART: ( MSP ) St Paul Mn ARRIVE: ( AVL ) Asheville Nc

“Join us as we learn that because of God’s love, created in God’s image, and filled with God’s Spirit, we are                 assured that we are enough, we have enough, and we are empowered to do more than enough.”



DATE?                       EVENT?                  WHO CAN GO?            WHAT TIME?                  COST?


Aug. 9       Outdoor  2nd Tuesday!                  Everyone!!         5:00 pm                     from free to $$

Same as July 12th!!  See you there!! Check it out!! https://www.summertuesdays.com/


Aug. 10     Montreat Worship Planning        OY!                      6:00 pm                                   no cost


Aug. 13     Goat Yoga                                        OY!                      9:45 am                                       $31.00

            https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BABAF2EA4F5C25-goat                       Click here!!

            This is so much fun!! The class fills up very fast so sign up NOW so Lori can secure tickets! If you need a                 scholarship, let Lori know!!! If you need a ride, let Lori know! Otherwise, we will see you in the parking lot at                                 9:45 am at the Hayloft!  12407 80th St. S., Hastings, MN –  5 minutes from Woodbury and Cottage Grove!                  check out this place!! https://www.thehayloft.net/blog-1/2021/1/2/5-ways-goat-yoga-is-life-changing

If you are coming with, you must have a parent fill out the waiver form.


Aug. 17     Church Picnic Water Slide            Everyone             5:00 pm                                   no cost

            See you in the backyard for Wednesday Picnics! They are every Wednesday all summer long!! Bring your                 swimsuit to this one; it’s time to WATERSLIDE on the church hill!!  See you there!!


Aug 19         Breakfast After Church                   Oy!                   4:30 pm                                  no cost

Click on Sign Up Genius in JUNE!  Sign up!!!

This one is not a breakfast AND not after church!!! It’s in the evening on a Friday!! We are going to Mt. Zion                 Synagogue on Summit Ave. in St. Paul!  We will first get a tour and then attend their service called Kabbalat                 Shabbat Services at 6:30 pm.  Check out more about Mt. Zion! https://mzion.org/pray/shabbat/


Aug. 20    Kayaking Willian O’Brien               Rm 567                11:00 am                                  $20.00

            https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0F4BABAF2EA4F5C25-kayaking                        Click here!!!

            Your cost includes the rental of a kayak or canoe and picnic!!   William O’Brien is a beautiful State Park that                 offers all kinds of fun things to do! This is going to be a great day!! Let’s meet at the church and carpool!                  Parent help is needed!  Check it out!       https://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/park.html?id=spk00283#homepage


Aug. 21 & 28  Blessing of Backpacks         All Kids! K – 12        9:30 am                                no cost

Bring your Backpack to worship, get it blessed by pastor Cader and our church family! Lori will have some great     stuff for you to take home in your backpack!

Aug. 24                     Bike Rally                           Everyone              5:00 pm                                 no cost

            Could we also block off an area for remote control car races that day?? Hmmm???  Who wants to help me                 create a racecourse?  Maybe!!  Bring a friend and your bike, for sure!!!


Aug. 31            Blessing of the Pets                Everyone               6:30 pm                                no cost

Bring your pet to church!! (to the parking lot!)  Pastor Cader will hold a service to Bless Your Pet! Why? What’s this all about?  About 800 years ago, there was a man named Francis who was an Italian Catholic Friar, mystic, and deacon. He cared very much about the poor and all God’s creatures.  People remember him for this!  It is a wonderful thing to care for all God’s creatures and bless our pets!  This is a great opportunity to invite your friends to bring their pets to church!  Want to read more about why we do this?  Check this out!




For details:
email Lori: lgilbertson@fpc-stillwater.org text or call Lori: 320-262-9324

PREREGISTRATION and PARENT HELPERS may be required to participate at some events! Yahoo!